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    The Saratov State Agrarian University named after N.I .Vavilov (SSAU) is one of the largest leading educational institutions training specialists for the agro-industrial complex of the Saratov region, the Volga region and other regions of the Russian Federation.


    University is rated in the top 100 universities in Russia and occupies the second place among agricultural universities.


    SSAU is a teaching and research facility, a cultural and social center of the developing modern infrastructure.


    The university includes the institute of additional professional education of agroindustrial complex personnel, educational, scientific and production complex "Agrocenter", training and production division "Agroexspocenter", technical park "Volgoagrotehnika",  veterinary hospital, information and advisory service "POISK".


    Progressive module-rating technology of training with funded system of assessing students is used in the educational process.


    People, successfully graduated from the university and shown a tendency to research work can be recommended for further study in post-graduate school.

    Training of highly qualified personnel is conducted through graduate school and doctoral studies.






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