Target Audience
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Вавиловские чтения - 2017
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410012, г. Саратов, Театральная пл. 1
Тел.: 8(8452) 23-32-92
Факс: 8(8452) 23-47-81
Приемная комиссия
Тел./факс.: 8 (8452) 26-50-78

410012, г. Саратов
Театральная пл., 1, ком. 138
Пн.–пт. с 9:00 до 15:00
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Инжиниринговый центр
Фонд "История Отечества"

Target Audience

    Developers of high technologies, manufacturers, business owners, leaders of livestock enterprises, representatives of state and educational structures, mass media. The government officials of Russian Federation will be invited as honorary guests. Scientists of leading higher education institutions from Russian Federation, Belarus, Germany and India will take part at the conference.